A complete guide about the currency Rise of Kingdoms: Fantasy Kingdom

In busy lifestyle, we are playing many kinds of games, and all are very good for our mind. Some RPG based games are the most famous game and one of the best game is Rise of Kingdoms: Fantasy Kingdom. The game is a free of cost, and we can download the game via play store.  The gameplay is very handy and anyone can easily familiar with it. Each component of the game is perfect for the player, and you can add many things by spending much time on the game.  The player can unlock some magical powers in the game with the help of Rise of Kingdoms Hack.

In our daily life currency is important and in the game many different currencies are used. We are talking about the uses of currency in the game. All things happen by a large amount of currency and in which you are playing the role of a big king and ruled the whole empire. The player needs to collect the currency.

Major currencies of the game

  • Coins
  • Diamonds


Coins are the prime currency on the game, and the player must have collected a large amount of currency. We can use it for opening some locked things or adding some new things in the collection store of the game. A large amount of currency is enhancing the chances of winning in the game.


It is vital for purchasing many new things in the gameplay. Every player needs numbers of diamonds by playing in many missions. Diamonds are the royal currency in the game, and you have to spend much time for getting the diamonds because currency collection is not one-day tasks and for that, we can try free tools like Rise of Kingdoms Cheats, and it is effective.