Highways: Information regarding them and their benefits

Highways: Information regarding them and their benefits

West Sussex Highways

National Highways:

These are the general expressways with 6 lanes each or above on both sides. The entrance and the exits of the roads are controlled via different slip roads which are designed during the construction of the roads itself. They generally don’t have shoulder lanes and do not have any regulations for the speed limits. These roads are created for heavy vehicles or personal vehicles and not for cycles or pedestrians. For the development and maintenance of these roads public and government, methods are used.

State Highways:

State highways are also termed as state roads, routes and are numbered by different states. They fall under the natural highways and are also numbered accordingly. Now, depending on different states, they can mean different things ranging from routes to roads, etc.

About Highways:

The highways are generally named by the government in order to maintain them properly. There are some highways that run across the continents whereas some span several countries. At first, the highways were designed to be used by normal people walking on foot and horses, but later the heavier vehicles were the main users along with personal cars. In order to promote national defense and commerce, the highways were used.

The major highways have more than one lanes on each side and also have incorporated much better systems of transportation and construction for better use and efficiency.

Effects of Highways:

There are many benefits of highways to common people like they reduce the time of travel when compared to the time taken by normal city roads or streets to travel from one place to another. These highways have also increased the sources for traveling from one city to another for business or trade purposes. The traffic demand from cities is reduced when people start traveling with highways, and thus the congested city roads become lighter. During the computation of transport, generally number of vehicles was counted in tolls across different places.

Effects of highways on the environment:

  • Increased Pollution: Highways increase a lot of noise since there is no speed limit and the vehicles run at their maximum speeds. This has a very bad effect on the people or camps by the side of the highways.
  • Air Issues: Again because of the increased traffic the number of carbons emitted into the air is increased, and thus the air pollution also rises.
  • Fragmentation: Due to the creation of highways many highways have been fragmented and thus a lot of habitats are lost and destructed. The resources they have been reduced because the animals cannot cross paths.

This is some general information about the highways. It is important to remember there might not be any restriction to speed, but some control is necessary for avoiding unnecessary accidents.

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